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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Sickness

When it comes to the occult, one thing can have many different names depending on region or even the individual. In this case, I'm calling it the sickness. It is an ambiance released by some one who is seriously physically ill or on heavy drugs. Typically, it can only be detected within a five foot radius of the person and causes tension in the seer; it can even produce a visible clear screen around the person depending on the severity.

It is almost impossible to determine the source of "the sickness" because illness and drug use register the same. Most often one must use the process of elimination to reach a conclusion in regards to the cause. However, the cause is irrelevant; if taken as a warning The Sickness does its job either way.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Body Bits

I've decided at this point to explain the science behind body bits. The beauty of this method of work is that it is so concrete that it will be successful whether you know how it operates or not. However, just like a car, you'll get there faster if you know how to drive it.

Body bits are pieces you take from a person to aid in a spell directed at them for any reason; protection, malice, whatever. Bits include but are not limited to fingernail clippings, spit, hair, seamen, urine, scabs and anything else that can be excavated from a human or other animal. Because it is a part of the person's body, it is loaded with their essence and is still tethered to them energetically, providing a tunnel between them and the fingernail within which you can send energy or intent, whichever you like.

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The Other Side

Death...The final frontier.

Okay enough of that. Every religion supports a belief in some kind of afterlife. Luckily for you atheists, you no longer have to trudge through the hardships of life working for thirty years just to ultimately be reduced to worm food. Science now has an explanation for you.

A few years ago scientists discovered what they've dubbed the "shadow" dimension, one parallel to our own that consists of an energy replica of every last animate entity on our planet. It is also considered by many white coats to be the fourth dimension. And here's the shocker: the concrete dimension we've grown to know and love makes up less than one percent of our universe. This includes all matter such as planets and everything contained therein - us included. So, if our dimension is completely replicated but accounts for only one percent of all existence, what is the shadow dimension replicating with the other ninety nine percent? The fourth dimension is said to include dimensions one through four, including placement, space, depth, and the fourth, time. But to spare you the headache of quantum physics (yes, this is quantum physics), I'll write an article on the science and what it means to us at another time.

At any rate, the Shadow Dimension contains energy duplicates of everything, both parallel and intersecting. This means you exist twice, and according to Einstein energy can not be destroyed, only altered. The outcome? Science has discovered the human soul, fated to forever perpetuate based on constant change and the raw dynamics of energy.

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I was getting a spiritual cleansing from my friend Auntie Lisa (a very legit and highly powerful voodoo priestess) when she told me I was a healer and to research "hot hands". I had a problem with Google when all I got in terms of results was a bunch of ads for warm napkins sold for roughly 50 cents at random gas stations. Eventually, I came into a fair amount of information.

First off, let me note that the book "Hot Hands Healing" is a bunch of malarchy. Why do I say that? Because, you can't teach innate ability. Think of it like blindness; your eyes either work, or they don't. The book suggests that the ability to heal can be taught by buying the book (of course) and maybe participating in a few workshops. You'd save a fortune just by accepting your limitations. I'm not saying you can't, but I am saying that you can't "learn how" - it just happens. Know this, I will not apologize for these statements. Not everybody is a healer, not everybody can heal. Some people can heal to a certain degree but are not healers, I'm talking about a type of soul, not an isolated trait. But don't feel bad, there are many other innate abilities out there you may possess, and I will touch on them as time goes by. Besides, I never wanted to be a healer, I'd rather have necromancy any day of the week.

Moving on, "hot hands" is a term used loosely to describe warm energy that is output through someone's hands and can be used to heal the sick, stressed or mentally disturbed, depending on the healer. The nature of the warmth does not behave like typical body heat as it rises off of the palm of the hand and can be felt 7 inches away or more. For those of you who can see energy, a healer's hands may be orange or yellow, whereas the rest of their energy body will be a color on the other end of the spectrum, more often than not blue.

Healers are naturally drawn to comfort and it is for this reason that the share a lot of personality traits. They typically like cool colors, the night air, they dress comfortably, and have a ridiculous number of fluffy pillows (or some equivalent thereof). Seventy percent of healers sleep a lot, and when they're not sleeping their activity level is dependent entirely on their exposure to raw energy. Animals are drawn to them, especially dogs, the most empathic of the animal kingdom (minus the yippy ones, who share more traits with rodents than wolves).

All healers have empathy, which is the innate ability to sense emotion and disposition in others, human and animal alike. From an evolutionary standpoint, it's probably so they can sense sickness in order to heal it. Let me rephrase: all healers have empathy, but not all empathics are healers. However, if you are an empath, I strongly encourage you further look into healers, as you may very well be one. Empathy in healers is a very good thing because though overwhelming for them at times, they are extremely dangerous without it. Healers also have the ability to harm. They can give sickness just as easily as they can take it away, and the impact of feeling what the subject feels prevents malice from the healer.

Test Your Ability

Though healing is a natural ability, concentration can both focus and amplify the impact and end result of the effort. The next time you encounter a sick person (start small, like someone with a cold) stand near them and visualize red energy around them. This is the sickness. Now imagine the red energy slowly changing to green energy (or blue, everything is relative with energy work). When the red energy has completely dissipated, you're done. Yes, it is that simple. You're energy does the work for you, all you have to do is focus it.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bad Omens

Ah yes, the omen post. I chose bad omens because those are the ones I'd rather notice. I don't too much care if good things happen to me, but I'd like time to prepare for the bad. Some of these I'm sure you've heard of and were told as a child but others are a bit stranger and far less familiar to western society. Just the same, they are ages old and have to hold some level of validity in order to survive for so long. I feel the same way about superstitions involving ancient creatures (no, bigfoot is not ancient) but I'll cover those another time, and likely individually as they deserve that amount of respect. Without further adieu, here they are:

Those Damn Felines

  • As I'm sure you know, It is very bad luck for a black cat to cross your path. Another version of this omen is that a black cat walking toward you brings with it bad luck, and when it walks away it takes what good luck you had with it. That bastard. At any rate, in England there is a contradicting legend that black cats are good luck and it is the white cats that cause the most trouble.

  • When a stray black cat takes up residence at your home there will be a lot of strange happenings during its visit. Not necessarily bad, but most definitely strange. Things you couldn't miss if you will Stevie Wonder will go missing, one person will move out and soon after another will move in, and other events of this nature are pretty much guaranteed.

  • If a cat of any color jumps over a coffin of the deceased it is a very bad omen for the soul of the departed. He's basically going to hell.

Other Wildlife

  • If a crow loiters along side you at the corner store (or anywhere else) your ass is as good as dead.

  • If you have a dream that a crow plucks your eye out you're going to die - and soon. I've seen this one in action with a late relative, and she knew about this, so her last days weren't great ones.

  • If you walk outside and there's a dead bird on your porch or patio something very bad is going to happen to a resident of the household. But don't worry, you'll live to deal with it. Well...maybe.

  • This is news to me, but apparently weasels that take residence near your home are bad luck. In fact, weasels in general are fairly jinxed.

Miscellaneous Omens

  • If an albatross circles a ship it's a sign that a storm is near. It's also bad luck to kill it because it carries with it the soul of a man lost at sea.

  • If you say goodbye to a friend on a bridge you'll likely never see them again.

  • If the flame of a candle flickers it's a sign that a spirit is in the room.

  • A woman buried in black will haunt the family.

  • If a dead person's eyes are left open he will find somebody to take with him, so do yourself a favor and close those motherfuckers.

  • Mirrors left in a room with a corpse should be covered, otherwise the first person to see their reflection will die next.

  • It was once widely believed that a person with the hiccups was possessed by the devil. Medical science still cannot explain this strange bodily occurrence, so who knows?

  • If a mirror in a home falls and breaks by itself a resident of the home will die very soon.

  • If three people are photographed together, the one in the middle will be the first to die.

  • A salt trail in a doorway will block all evil spirits, both living and dead, from entering the home. My grandmother used to do this when she felt someone had a problem with her.

Well there you have it. You are now equipped with knowledge you can do absolutely nothing with, because let's face it - when it comes to bad luck, there's nothing you can do but brace yourself. But look on the bright side, the same people who believe these things also believe if you turn in a circle three times counter-clockwise you can reverse your luck. Just make sure it's bad.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Update on Strigoi

In this post I am more or less just touching base with you to let you know I haven't vanished. In recent days an unreal unfolding of events has driven me to take a short pause for field work on Indigo Children and much more so the Annunaki and their business with the year 2012. It seems there has been a shift in the underlying forces that drive the physical plane, I'd almost say there is a tear between the parallel planes is causing the fluid or "energy" plane to bleed over into the physical plane. And it seems everyone who is strongly connected is being effected by this. If you have been , come forward. Comment to this post with your email address and I will send you questions to better understand what's going on, then explain everything to you to the best of my ability.

In the meantime, be looking for other posts of various nature. The future has not prompted me to neglect the past.